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Let's try.

Oh no!



"Finally! A reliable, functional CMS :) The solution all clients can ask for"

Andrew Jones - Graphic Artist

"I just finished setting up and playing with Dropkick. It’s brilliant. Best RW add-on ever!"

Ray Williams - Designer
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Our Monthly Featured Article

Howard and Edna at the San Francisco Library. ok.

than it was abandoned when the lake evaporated."

Edna, has been sidetracked from her geneaology research.  She says she's suddenly been bitten by the fashion bug.  We couldn't help but notice her new chunky brows and pink toned makeover.  "I feel so much lighter and carefree after reworking my overall appearance.  Don't worry though, I'm still interested in finding records of my grandmother's step brother."

Working hard 


Is it just me or is this UI is a little outdated??


New in V2

Lots of stuff
crammed into the best
version yet

Gorgeous new Material Design user interface, better on mobile,
3 users, image editor, better text editor with more control,
easier to install & a bunch of fixes and security updates.

From v1 this is a paid upgrade

Dropkick comes with RapidWeaver Stacks for a tight integration. Content lives on the server so always in-sync with your RapidWeaver project. Works with RapidWeaver 6+, Stacks 3+ and any Foundry, Foundation or your favourite themes. Make parts of a Stacks page editable or whole pages.

The integration with RapidWeaver is tight and easy to setup. But RapidWeaver is NOT required to run Dropkick. This is just one integration example. Dropkick is a standalone product.

See on YouTube how one RapidWeaver user loves the integration with Dropkick.


Unlimited Domains
Use on 1 - UNLIMITED sites

Includes all features

Email support, videos
Updates included


Pay once. No Monthly fees.

Not another plan?
LA LA LA...Stop!

Includes less features?!

We don't do this with Dropkick
You get everything with it

No restrictions. All in.

Pay once. Get it all.